Thursday, December 21, 2006

February 18, 2007 photoshoot

The next photoshoot for the project will be Sunday, February 18, 2007. Registration for this shoot must be completed by January 28, 2007. Please contact Stephen to confirm your attendance as a project participant.

Second Year

2007 is the second year the project will be in motion. We have amassed a great variety of talent and photos in great locations. Some of these locations are no longer available or in the condition when we shot.


The focus is FASHION. Seeking designers, makeup artists, hair stylists to be part of the project. This is an excellent way to develop breadth in your portfolio. It is a highly creative photoshoot.

The project entrance fee is being adjusted to $75 as a base fee. Bringing a team together of new participants will afford a discount similar to that previously offered. Existing participants will be rewarded a finder reward for each model or photographer entering the project and appearing. The project council will be responsible for reviewing people entering into the project.

Project Entrance Fee
New team participantsCombined Entrance FeeEquivalent Per PersonFinder Reward
One person$75$75$10
Two people$140$70$25
Three people$180$60$40
Four people$200$50$60

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