Wednesday, July 17, 2013

2013 Photoshoot Poll

Photoshoot Date Poll

It has been quite a while since there was an Abandoned In Detroit photoshoot. The poll at left and on the sidebar of the website is being used to determine interest in holding a shoot this year. There is a location on W Fort St that I've been watching for a few years and this would be a good time to use it.

Entrance Fee Reduced

A ONE-TIME project entrance fee is used - which paying once means you are on the roster of member talent and welcome to attend the shoot. So if you've already paid in the past you've got an invitation to the shoot headed your way. Considering the amount of activity the project has had and recent involvement, this fee is being dramatically reduced from $100 to $30 at this time.

Designer Heather Golden's outfits at the Dequindre Cut on August 26, 2007

Why Join The Project?

Connections are a major factor toward success in any business. This project has drawn talent through shoots and related events since 2005. A number of designers have brought their early work in and shown it off during the shoots. Runway models have been found and talent connections for photographers, makeup artists, accessory designers, hair stylists continue to happen.

We have visited locations which have gone through remarkable changes, such as the Dequindre Cut (shown above) before it was developed into an activity path. We can't predict the future too specifically, but we know the landscape of Detroit is going through a lot of changes. Talent from the project have also gone through changes as well - hopefully those involved in past shoots will come back and join a shoot again this year.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Winter 2012 Notice

The project entrance fee is increasing in 2012 from $100 to $125. This is a one time fee that new talent pays prior to the photo shoot. Visit the Registration page to make payment online, or contact Stephen to make arrangements by cash or check. Registration information is on Eventbrite for ticketing and affiliates are offered a code to assist in promoting.

If you are existing talent the referral program is still in effect, so do your friends a favor if they are interested and encourage them to pay the entrance fee before March 27, after that date it moves from $100 to $125.

Friday, September 23, 2011

This video was created by Video Vision 360 through the Detroit Creative Corridor Center to publicize activities going on during the first Detroit Design Festival. The Abandoned In Detroit project is celebrating six years, since 2005! Check out the event posting on the festival site.

Through the week long festival a photo wall will be exhibiting work from project photographers as we've held over 25 photo shoots with various fashion designers, stylists, models, and have grown the community involved.

Sunday from 3-8pm we will have a fashion show featuring talent from the project and the runway path winds through Red Door Gallery, giving views with the photo exhibition as a backdrop and a walk through the main gallery. There are plenty of close viewing opportunities during the runway show.

There is no admission fee, a donation is welcome as we are partnering with The Friends of Belle Isle Aquarium during the event. Photo sales will be donated through their organization toward the maintenance, restoration and efforts to reopen the aquarium.

Monday, September 05, 2011

Scouting Belle Isle Aquarium (closed)

Yes the aquarium has been closed since 2005 - it needs funding support for maintenance and recovery to reopen. This excursion was to prepare for a large group fashion shoot on-site in a few weeks.


The Abandoned In Detroit fashion showcase project will be holding a photo shoot with models, designers, stylists, and photographers on Sunday, September 18 at the aquarium. The project works with registered members to keep their portfolios up to date, bring talent together through the project's community, and assist members in growth in the fashion industry.


The project will be holding a photo exhibition and fashion show during the Detroit Design Festival from September 21-28 (Wednesday-Wednesday), at Red Door Gallery. On Sunday, September 25 a fashion show will be held. During the week-long event series a portion of proceeds is being donated through the Friends of Belle Isle Aquarium toward renovation and repairs to the aquarium.


The mission of the Abandoned In Detroit project is to document the emergence and evolution of fashion set against the changing landscape of Detroit. Noting how change influences the designs of the city. A list of designers and locations the project has worked with since 2005 for 25 photo shoots is on the official website -


If you have any questions about the project and events coming, please contact Stephen Boyle at 248-632-6156 or Advertising and vending opportunities are available with the upcoming events during DDF. Our advertising campaign extends through print, online, and video. Email your request for an ad kit to


Photo shoot on EventBrite
Photo exhibition & show on EventBrite
Project registration for models, designers, stylists, photographers (on official website)