Sunday, May 11, 2008

Abandoned In Detroit - photoshoot 17

The next photoshoot is coming up in one week!

Designer slots have been spoken for as follows:

SLOT 1 - Accessories by B-Flyy Creations, La'Jah, and more in discussion. Models will be in basic black dresses or suits with white shirt. Focus in this part of the shoot is on the accessories.

SLOT 2 - Kre'a'shens by Lajuana and Chanel Crawford

SLOT 3 - House of Myonne

SLOT 4 - Rinaco Styles from Nadine

SLOT 5 - {open at present}

All talent is asked to please send an email to AID17 (at) ABANDONEDINDETROIT (dot) COM with information on how you are involved in the project at present, and your phone number. Models will need to include measurements and photos (head & body) for reference by the designers, makeup artists, hair stylists for the shoot.

Talent coordinator for this shoot is Farah Majid.
Style coodinator for this shoot is {available at this time}
Artistic director for this shoot is {available at this time}

Video coverage and limited media exposure can be coordinated through Stephen.

Please call 248-632-6156 to discuss any details on the project or upcoming shoot with Stephen.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Abandoned In Detroit Photoshoot 16

Call Stephen at 248-632-6156 to find out more about the event. This is taking place at a semi-developed space. There will be electric and limited lighting. There is no plumbing. Additional activity during the day will be assembly of a catwalk for the runway event. Lumber needs to be purchased, transported, hammers, nails, work team to build 4'x16' platform off the front of the stage. Need 2 4x8 sheets 3/8 plywood, framing lumber, and linoleum top surface.