Monday, January 31, 2011

JOB: Project Member Fashion Bloggers Wanted

As a member of the project you have had the experience of one or more photoshoots of the project. Abandoned In Detroit is seeking bloggers from within the project that would like to write featured talent reviews. The aim is to offer a weekly Featured Talent Review blog post introducing talent from the project and how involvement has impacted their work.

You Want Paid

Blogging isn't going to require more than a few hours in a month, possibly an hour a week. The amount paid per Featured Talent Review is going to be hard to gauge until we've gone through a few posts to see the response. The opportunity for sponsors to come forward can increase revenues that will make its way to our production staff as well.

The effort of getting people to read your review is another set of jobs. Writers need publicists to have their work read, and there are technical needs that extend to social networks and traditional media such as newspapers, TV, radio, and more. Writers also need photos to go with their story and that is one area this project is strong in offering.

When we work together the solution works and everyone wears a smile. The key to working together is communication and those that apply to be bloggers will be interviewed and asked to provide reference work. If you are interested in applying fill out the form below.

Referral Rewards

Announcing "Referral Rewards" for existing project members. You get 25% of the entrance fee back to you for bringing new members that are approved into the project. This offer is subject to removal with a 30 day advance notice via a posting on the website.

How It Works
Direct the person to the Registration page for the project. There is a Referral By box on the Registration Form - have them enter your name in the box before submitting the form. If you have questions or difficulties call 248-632-6156.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Flickr Photo Gallery Added

Since Blogger has added pages we've now got a great way to show off photos from the project on the page. There is a members-only Flickr group that I'm inviting all members to join. You'll have to be approved, so please be patient.
Click here for the Abandoned In Detroit group on Flickr
Get a FREE Flickr account and add your Abandoned In Detroit photos to the group. Free accounts allow 200 photos to be in your public stream. You can upload more and place them in the group for viewing. Please keep the photos on topic for the group - the images must be from a photoshoot or event presentation of Abandoned In Detroit project. 

Another helpful thing to do is tag your photos - indicate the people involved. If they have a Flickr account you can link to them. One tag to place on all project photos is "abandoned in detroit". Tags are searchable and provide a pivot point reference to find similarly tagged work.

Website Layout Update

The layout for the site has also been altered to bring pages across the top navigation bar.
Watch for more updates - we are 90 days from the date of the photoshoot - April 23, 2011, the Saturday before Easter. We may have a number of people from the past five years of the project whom are in town visiting family that could attend.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Pauletta in Fashion Junkiee

Pauletta in Fashion Junkiee
April 23 is just 90 days away. Making installment payments might be the easiest way to pull together $100 to be a project member. Check the link on the right out on how to REGISTER for the project.

Note: If you have previously participated in an Abandoned In Detroit photoshoot and received clearance as project member you will not have to pay the entrance fee. It is a ONE TIME payment to join the community.

Monday, January 03, 2011

New Site Format

New features are being introduced to the redesigned blog. Yes there was some idle time on the blog and for the project - content moved around from place to place. You'll find updates coming that will bring those gaps together. If you are a participant in the project and don't find your name listed on the participants page, please contact or call Stephen at 248-632-6156.
You'll be asked to use Google Friend Connect to begin receiving updates. You can set that up using the Follow links on the right.