Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Auto Show paid gig - Details needed

There is an event related to the Auto Show on Jan 28 from 6-9pm.
I'm submitting information from my contacts to the event organizer ASAP.
I've had three people successfully complete this information and this is being sent to in tonight. There are quite a few people that haven't yet taken the time to complete the information here. The event is slightly more than a week away - you need to do this ASAP if interested in the opportunities for this event.

Needed: 15 males, 15 females to pass out goodies and circulate with the guests able to discuss Detroit nightlife.
Needed: 15 "couture" (5'9" attractive) model bartenders with TIPS certification.

Working Name
Social Security Number
Legal Name
Mailing Address
Phone (mobile, home, business, etc)
Email (Yahoo Msgr, MSN Msgr, AIM)
Major cities you are willing to work
(Female: Bust, Cup, Waist, Hip, Dress, Shirt, Pant, Shoe)
(Male: Chest, Waist, Suit (size/length), Shirt (neck/sleeve), Pants (Waist/Inseam))
Eye Color
Hair Color
Hair Type (Curly/Wavy/Straight)
Hair Length (Waist, Mid-Back, Shoulder, Chin, Over Ears, Semi-Bald, Bald)
Ethnic Origin
Forms of Modeling interested
Bartending certifications
Special events credits
Acting credits
Fluent Languages
Dancer (form)
Specialties (such as MUA, Photog, Hair Stylist, Clothing Designer, Sign Language, ...)
Any existing exclusive agency affiliations
Online portfolios (OMP, MM, MuseCube, iModel, ...)

Send the above to with the subject "Auto Show gig model specs".

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Abandoned In Detroit

Location for meeting is 715 E Milwaukee @ Hastings in Detroit. The shoot location is 2 blocks from this.

Models - bring 3 outfits, accessories, come with makeup foundation, flashlight, a small bag for carrying selected items in the building (backpacks are great). Prepare to be in the cold for a while.

Photographers - batteries are going to have a shorter life in the cold. Be prepared to keep your batteries warm! You'll want a significant amount of storage for the number of photos you'll take. I'll be carrying 2.25 gb and know that I'll consume it all. Bring a tripod - you'll want it for the low-light photos.

Timeline: start with casual clothing and move into urban/goth/club at 2:00. 4:00 will be transition to high fashion, dressy looks. I need models to check in when they reach the site.

I'll be asking someone to handle registration activities -- likely a makeup artist. This will include collecting $10 fee.

Call my phone 248-721-4289 and if it is busy there will be an alternate phone number available.

Friday, December 16, 2005

Planning: AID shoot Dec 18 (post #3)

I've got a lot to bring together in the next 2 days. I need a lot of assistance in some simple matters. I will be working Friday from 8am-12:30pm. I've got a few tasks lined up for immediately following work.
  • Production assistants - they can be friends of talent, parents, and other interested people. I have a need for VANS and TRUCKS to haul people and material.
    • Friday
      I need to purchase supplies for the shoot. Space heaters, de-icing, plastic for insulating, temporary doors(?), and more.
    • Saturday
      We need to create the site for the shoot. This means clearing ice from stairwells, establishing the locations in the 6 story building that will be use at various times during the shoot (creating a timeline for group photos and going through designer clothing).
    • Sunday
      I need early morning support in setting things up. I'm talking about getting there 8am to setup the site for 11am shoot time.
  • Contacting talent - phone calls to models, photographers, stylists, makeup artists, ...
  • Event planners for future events - I'd like to set a date and details for the next shoot so people attending know what is in the future for the project. I've got to get the fashion/art event together for late February/early March 2006.

When you read this look for what can I do to bring this forward? Your contribution in forwarding this event will be powerful. I need partners that are willing to step up to the plate and move it. I'm not so set in my ways that I can't take advice.

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Fusion Nights Dec 4 cancelled

I spoke with Ziam about Fusion Nights and we are cancelling it. Liquid Silver is not being planned for Dec 17 either. Watch for runway shows coming up in 2006. New ventures with new people...

Abandoned In Detroit Dec 18 is going forward.

Thursday, November 24, 2005

Liquid Silver postponed from Nov 26

Problems have come up with the location selected. We are postponing Liquid Silver. A tentative date would be Dec 17.

There is a Dec 4 fashion show "Fusion Nights" to be held at The Jazzloft above 525 Monroe in Greektown above Golden Fleece. Go up the stairs toward the psychic and turn left into Xodos.

Details regarding these shows can be directed to (Ziam Penn).

Monday, November 21, 2005

Planning overall

Here's a general plan for upcoming activities. I'll be holding discussion on this plan this evening at the Living for Sundance meeting and with key individuals in the next week.
  • Nov 20-26
    Designers contacted, project plan published; contact resources to extend project plan; identify stake holders
  • Nov 27-Dec 3
    Write articles to be submitted to papers; solicit sponsors; website fleshed out; confirm stake holders; detail project plan
  • Dec 4-10
    Preliminary articles submitted to papers; field inquiries for information; charities solicited
  • Dec 11-17
    Planning for AID shoot Dec 18; stake holders and sponsors confirmed
  • Dec 18-24
    AID photoshoot held at 1551 Winder, Eastern Market 11am-8pm on Dec 18; begin photo demonstrations online; crank up online marketing campaign
  • Dec 25-31
    Stake holders and sponsors confirmed; January photoshoot determined; locations for AID VIP show and public showcase reviewed
  • Jan 1-7
    Collection of photos for exhibition as online preview; location for AID VIP show confirmed; AID public showcase location confirmed
  • Jan 8-14
    Articles in newspapers and online announcing upcoming AID shows; online marketing is solid and at 200% above December's level
  • Jan 15-21
    Flyering for event has began; 50 or more registrations for VIP show locked in; logistics for event confirmed
  • Jan 22-28
    Final selection of models, music, designers for VIP show and public showcase
  • Jan 29-Feb 4
    Rehersal for show; equipment for show aligned and committed; 75 or more registrations for VIP show locked in
  • Feb 5-11
    AID VIP show held; AID public showcase aligned and committed; rehersal for show; exhibition items moved to public showcase

Remember to be involved with a project is to pull it to you. Ask me how to forward the project. It may be as simple as data entry of contact information. There's going to be a lot of that.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

Planning: AID shoot Dec 18 (post #2)

I do not have a line-up for this shoot and I'm looking for responses sent to Send your name, phone, email, portfolio IDs, and talents (model, photog, makeup, hair, stylist, ...).

When I say line-up I'm not talking about hourly slots and such - we run the group shoot in a less structured manner which keeps the models together more. There are opportunities to get individual and smaller group photos in the time for the group shoot.

The location we will use is in Eastern Market and will be around the space used for the Liquid Silver show on Nov 26. So that is one way to see the location before we have a shoot there. One thing about using this space is I would like to contribute to the people offering the space. So I'm asking everyone to contribute $10. We can buy some food and drink with that too - since the shoot runs 11am - 8pm (9 hours). This is not the typical location I use for an AID shoot - but it can give the right feel with some set setup. The advantage here is that it will accomodate many people, it has heat, it has power.

At some point this winter we will have a shoot with more dramatic conditions for those more adventurous souls interested.

Friday, November 11, 2005

Casting: Liquid Silver Nov 17 for 26th show

Note: Liquid Silver/Fusion Nights - not Abandoned In Detroit
I've been asked to scout models for an upcoming runway show on Nov 26.
To experience a similar show this Sunday, Nov 13 come to The Jazzloft, which is over Golden Fleece Restaurant, 525 Monroe, Detroit 48226. Doors open at 6pm and the show will begin at 8pm.

Casting: Nov 17 from 8pm to 10pm for fashion show on Nov 26 (Liquid Silver), also Dec 4th (Fusion Nights). An additional casting may be added for Nov 20 (watch for an update)
Location: 1551 Winder, Eastern Market, Detroit
Desired Models: 5'10" and taller, very slim and shapely, prefer asian, latino, and ethnic mixes. Will review models outside the desired traits.
Contact: Send two photos (or select two from MM) with contact information to - you will receive upcoming opportunities through this address.

Note: this blog entry was updated Nov 17.

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Planning: AID shoot Dec 18

I'll admit that I've been holding these shoots with insufficient notice sooooo.... Sunday, December 18 is going to be the next Abandoned In Detroit group photo shoot. I would love some assistance in setting up this shoot because I'm going back to work (part time) and that means less organizing time.

I may hold a few smaller shoots here and there to build content for people that happen to be travelling through town. So if you are local talent and see a fast AID notice go up and have the time to attend I would welcome you.

AID Nov 2 shootThere's a gallery of proofs from the 24 hour notice November 2 shoot. Timing on that shoot got a bit messed up, but we pulled some nice photos from the shoot. 6 models in attendance and 4 photographers. My appologies to Katie, Tony, and Carl whom I was unable to meet earlier.

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Runway tryout Nov 10

Mairi Elle & Stina by candlelight
Fusion Nights,
uploaded by Fuzzytek.

Seeking runway models for funky urban chic (avante guarde) fashion shows in Detroit.

Try-out night Thursday, Nov 10 @ 9pm for 1.5 hours.
Location: The JazzLoft above Golden Fleece Restaurant in Greektown. 525 Monroe St, Detroit 48226.
Contact me (Stephen) via phone at 248-721-4289.

Runway shows to be held Nov 13 (benefit) and 26 (Liquid Silver). Additional runway events and photo opps possible.

An opportunity to meet people involved in the Abandoned In Detroit project. Please email contact information (name, email, phone, portfolio IDs) to for future emailed opportunities. This includes stylists, designers, makeup, hair, photographers, ...

Event producer is Ziam.
Compensation is exposure.
Model height and appearance is not as important as PRESENCE - you have to have a funky sense of style and be expressed!
A portion of proceeds from AID events is donated to Detroit charities. We are holding these to promote Detroit's style.

Thursday, November 03, 2005

AID shoot Nov 2, 2005

Mairi Elle & Stina by candlelight
Abandoned In Detroit,
uploaded by Fuzzytek

I received notice that Mairi Elle & Stina were travelling in from Columbus, Ohio and interested in being part of Abandoned In Detroit (AID). So I rounded up some of our local talent and brought together a photo shoot within 24 hours.

Things got a little messed up on the start time and coordinating who was to be where and when. So one model, Katie, was shooting with Tony Aria and Carl Oxley III late in the afternoon.

Evening arrived and we had Danielle, Amy, Andi, Mairi Elle, Stina shooting with Mike (TimeFragment) and Stephen (Fuzzytek). The evening shoot was a bit challenging photographically held with candlelight and flashlights. Click here for proofs of Fuzzytek's photos.

Please message if you are interested in being part of a December 18th Abandoned In Detroit shoot. We are very interested in bringing designers and stylists into our shoots - we have sufficient models for you to showcase several outfits at one time rather than generating individual images. We are shooting artistically for art / fashion exhibition purposes.

Monday, September 26, 2005

Thank you!

Thank you to all the models (9) and photographers (3) that came out for the session on Saturday. You made a huge contribution staying for a long photo shoot. We will be bringing the photos together very soon. I will be setting up our photo hosting within the week and our photographers will be able to load images for our models and photographers.

At the end of the shoot I noticed I was missing a wide-angle lens for my camera... if anyone has this in their bag please contact me. I did return to the site yesterday to look for it without finding it.

Friday, September 23, 2005

Location change for September 24

I'm changing the location to the Fisher Body Assembly Plant at Hastings and Piquette in Detroit.
Call me at 248-259-3980 cell or 248-721-4289 to confirm you're coming and discuss details on the shoot.
I've got an overwhelming response in the past 24 hours from 12 models. Call me to confirm your name on the list, I've probably missed a few and the number is more like 20 models. We have hair and makeup people. There are at least 4 photographers.
I'm looking for phone calls from everyone (I don't care what time day/night), call me and confirm.

Weekend plans Sept 23-25


Now Time to get a rental car. $50 for the weekend special on an economy car from Enterprise.

2:05pm Ralph arrives from NYC for the Abandoned In Detroit (AID) photoshoot. He'll be staying with me a couple weeks. During that time I'll get started in male modeling. I'll have a great guide.

Click to enlarge.

6:00pm Edgewise Gallery opens two doors down from Oslo, 1428 Woodward, Detroit. I'm pumping this up as a meet-and-greet for people in the AID shoot. Come out and meet my film making / art scene friends.

Jan D tells me she is at Slows Bar, across from Tiger Stadium, Michigan and Trumbell. I'm not sure how much energy I will be spending tonight, Ralph and I may stop there briefly.


8:00am - 9:30am SideEffect is holding a CD release party benefits to MADD at Canterbury Village. I'll be on site taking photos.

11:00am - 8:00pm Abandoned In Detroit photo shoot. We are parking in the lots at the NW corner of Rosa Parks and Michigan, behind The Works. More information is going to be posted this afternoon on the AID website. Please read the guidelines posted in the blog

After the shoot we can head to Bleu for dancing and celebrate Kimmie's birthday.


Could be a day of recouperation and photo processing. That evening The Brazilian Girls will be playing at St Andrews Hall. I would love to see that show!!!

Let's see how the plans come together...

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Abandoned In Detroit - September 24

The Abandoned In Detroit (AID) website is alive. It is pretty basic. This blog can be found as the link under the e-flyer. Feel free to share the e-flyer. The address of the e-flyer is, as shown below:

If you are interested send an email to As the flyer states: looking for designer clothing to feature, models, makeup, hair, stylists, photographers.

I wish I found my DreamWeaver CD, but alas it is hiding someplace in the house. So for the time being I'm hand writing code. Next step is utilizing code from templates... there are too many ways to create websites these days. My background with the internet since 1994 comes in handy sometimes.

New models and designers are welcome in the shoot. This is an evolving project. If you are looking for a showcase this is a great urban project to hook-up with.

Intent of the shoot
Showcase Detroit designers in a Detroit setting. Assemble the photos from multiple photographers, designers, settings of the shoot into an art exhibit. The shoot is going to be a recurring event and the photos from it become a recurring exhibition. A desired outcome from Abandoned In Detroit is to showcase Detroit designers in galleries around the US. In conjunction with the photo art exhibit, a runway show could be scheduled bringing featured Detroit designers for a runway show at the gallery exhibiting the photos.

Detroit charity
A portion of proceeds from AID will benefit Detroit charities. I'm interested in focusing on the teen-age suicide rate in Detroit being the highest in the US. Persons interested in assisting create this contribution contact me or email

Abandoned In Detroit is about Detroit and dedicated to bringing Detroit up as a fashion capitol of the US. This city is a major exporter of lifestyle to the world. Celebrate being from Detroit.