Sunday, November 13, 2005

Planning: AID shoot Dec 18 (post #2)

I do not have a line-up for this shoot and I'm looking for responses sent to Send your name, phone, email, portfolio IDs, and talents (model, photog, makeup, hair, stylist, ...).

When I say line-up I'm not talking about hourly slots and such - we run the group shoot in a less structured manner which keeps the models together more. There are opportunities to get individual and smaller group photos in the time for the group shoot.

The location we will use is in Eastern Market and will be around the space used for the Liquid Silver show on Nov 26. So that is one way to see the location before we have a shoot there. One thing about using this space is I would like to contribute to the people offering the space. So I'm asking everyone to contribute $10. We can buy some food and drink with that too - since the shoot runs 11am - 8pm (9 hours). This is not the typical location I use for an AID shoot - but it can give the right feel with some set setup. The advantage here is that it will accomodate many people, it has heat, it has power.

At some point this winter we will have a shoot with more dramatic conditions for those more adventurous souls interested.

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