Monday, November 21, 2005

Planning overall

Here's a general plan for upcoming activities. I'll be holding discussion on this plan this evening at the Living for Sundance meeting and with key individuals in the next week.
  • Nov 20-26
    Designers contacted, project plan published; contact resources to extend project plan; identify stake holders
  • Nov 27-Dec 3
    Write articles to be submitted to papers; solicit sponsors; website fleshed out; confirm stake holders; detail project plan
  • Dec 4-10
    Preliminary articles submitted to papers; field inquiries for information; charities solicited
  • Dec 11-17
    Planning for AID shoot Dec 18; stake holders and sponsors confirmed
  • Dec 18-24
    AID photoshoot held at 1551 Winder, Eastern Market 11am-8pm on Dec 18; begin photo demonstrations online; crank up online marketing campaign
  • Dec 25-31
    Stake holders and sponsors confirmed; January photoshoot determined; locations for AID VIP show and public showcase reviewed
  • Jan 1-7
    Collection of photos for exhibition as online preview; location for AID VIP show confirmed; AID public showcase location confirmed
  • Jan 8-14
    Articles in newspapers and online announcing upcoming AID shows; online marketing is solid and at 200% above December's level
  • Jan 15-21
    Flyering for event has began; 50 or more registrations for VIP show locked in; logistics for event confirmed
  • Jan 22-28
    Final selection of models, music, designers for VIP show and public showcase
  • Jan 29-Feb 4
    Rehersal for show; equipment for show aligned and committed; 75 or more registrations for VIP show locked in
  • Feb 5-11
    AID VIP show held; AID public showcase aligned and committed; rehersal for show; exhibition items moved to public showcase

Remember to be involved with a project is to pull it to you. Ask me how to forward the project. It may be as simple as data entry of contact information. There's going to be a lot of that.

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