Thursday, November 10, 2005

Planning: AID shoot Dec 18

I'll admit that I've been holding these shoots with insufficient notice sooooo.... Sunday, December 18 is going to be the next Abandoned In Detroit group photo shoot. I would love some assistance in setting up this shoot because I'm going back to work (part time) and that means less organizing time.

I may hold a few smaller shoots here and there to build content for people that happen to be travelling through town. So if you are local talent and see a fast AID notice go up and have the time to attend I would welcome you.

AID Nov 2 shootThere's a gallery of proofs from the 24 hour notice November 2 shoot. Timing on that shoot got a bit messed up, but we pulled some nice photos from the shoot. 6 models in attendance and 4 photographers. My appologies to Katie, Tony, and Carl whom I was unable to meet earlier.

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