Thursday, December 21, 2006

February 18, 2007 photoshoot

The next photoshoot for the project will be Sunday, February 18, 2007. Registration for this shoot must be completed by January 28, 2007. Please contact Stephen to confirm your attendance as a project participant.

Second Year

2007 is the second year the project will be in motion. We have amassed a great variety of talent and photos in great locations. Some of these locations are no longer available or in the condition when we shot.


The focus is FASHION. Seeking designers, makeup artists, hair stylists to be part of the project. This is an excellent way to develop breadth in your portfolio. It is a highly creative photoshoot.

The project entrance fee is being adjusted to $75 as a base fee. Bringing a team together of new participants will afford a discount similar to that previously offered. Existing participants will be rewarded a finder reward for each model or photographer entering the project and appearing. The project council will be responsible for reviewing people entering into the project.

Project Entrance Fee
New team participantsCombined Entrance FeeEquivalent Per PersonFinder Reward
One person$75$75$10
Two people$140$70$25
Three people$180$60$40
Four people$200$50$60

Thursday, November 16, 2006

November photoshoot postponed November 26

The photoshoot scheduled for November 19 is being postponed to November 26. There are too many activities in the way of having a successful shoot this weekend. Please contact Stephen at 248-721-4289 if the alteration in date creates issues.

Please encourage people whom have not completed their registration whom are interested to get that DONE. Proper planning for the designers, makeup artists, hair stylists requires advance notice of who will be attending. They need your measurements and know what type of makeup / hair products to bring for the shoot.

Photographers - there will be electric service available during this shoot. You are welcome to bring your lights and reflectors, the space can be rather tight. Natural lighting and use of reflectors is encouraged. Backdrops are NOT encouraged - the environment of the shoot is to be captured in the shoot.

Hopefully everyone will be happy to hear that we are returning to the location used for the October photoshoot, in the Boston Edison district of Detroit. Considering how cold a truly abandoned building can be the heating in lower levels of the building will be very welcomed.

A revised e-flyer is posted with the updated date, visit the linked reference.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

November 19 photoshoot, registration deadline approaches!

The graphic has been created for the November 19, 2006 photoshoot. The next step is bringing in the models, photographers, and designers through registration. The deadline for registration is Sunday, October 29.

There will not be another photoshoot for the project until February 18, 2007. We are headed into the holiday season and the project is gearing up for exhibition and our first runway show. Stay tuned for the exciting events to come!

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

PhotoBlog October + Planning November 19 photoshoot

The final Abandoned In Detroit photoshoot for 2006 will be held Sunday, November 19, 2006. We'll begin at noon, so please be at the shoot location between 10:30 am and 11:30 am at the latest. Our makeup artists, hair stylists, and designers need time to prepare you for the shoot.

The location(s) will be revealed within a week of the shoot. Preannouncing locations creates unwanted attention, if you are registered as a participant in the shoot you will be informed.

Wanted - Models, Makeup, Hair, and DESIGNERS!

At this time I have two designers new to the project interested in coming for the shoot. We've got existing designers eager to return with new creations as well. Models the deadline for registering is October 29, 2006. If you have already paid your project entrance fee you need to contact and indicate that you are attending and update your measurements and photos as needed. If you are a model new to the project you must pay the $50 project entrance fee by the deadline date along with sending your measurements, contact information, photos (headshot and bodyshot). Payment of entrance fee can be made through PayPal via buttons at the project profile on MySpace.

Future Plans

The momentum going into the holiday season is screaming for exhibition and runway - watch for those activities in December and January. Project photoshoots will be resume monthly scheduling beginning February 18, 2007 on third Sundays.

October's Shoot

The October shoot had a few catches along the way, but overall worked out very well. The location was moved with 30 hours left before shooting. This caused some havoc in planning resources such as a generator, lighting, and directions to the shoot. The people involved in the shoot were fantastic - everyone pulled together a beautiful presentation for the project showcasing designs from Hot Girl Collection and Vyrula Zel. Most of the people were new to the project and combining them with talent from prior shoots will create tremendous energy moving forward.

Below are a few thumbnail photos from the shoot - click on any and you'll open a window showing a gallery of proof photos from the shoot from Fuzzytek. As we get a link to Rod Kassab's photos that will be given here as well.

Friday, September 15, 2006

Planning: October 15 photoshoot

AID October planning
Originally uploaded by Fuzzytek.

Advertisement for the upcoming October Abandoned In Detroit project photoshoot. Image used was shot for the project during the September 10, 2006 shoot.

This ad is a call to designers, makeup artists, hair stylists to meet on September 18 to begin planning the October 15 shoot. Details can be found in the event posted on MySpace - click to view

Additional discussion regarding the forming of a Project Council of five members.

AID photoshoot: October 15, 2006

Abandoned In Detroit Oct 15 shoot - Seeking ModelsThe October photoshoot for the Abandoned In Detroit project is coming up on October 15, 2006. The image used for this ad was shot for the project during the September 10, 2006 shoot.

This ad is a call to models to register by September 24, 2006. Details about the project and shoot can be directed by phone to me (Stephen) at 248-721-4289. There is a project entrance fee of $50 for models and photographers into the shoot. There are team packages available as well.

Click here to view the event posting on MySpace.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Planning: April 2 photo shoot

I've been looking at what is coming up in April and finding that Sunday, April 2 is the date I'm going to set for the next Abandoned In Detroit(AID) photo shoot.

I am targeting a Sunday to maximize participation from people in all forms of business and potential travellers. The other weekends of April have activity as follows:
  • April 7-9 with episode 2 of inZer0
  • April 16 is Easter
  • April 22 is the date for Liquid Silver performance
I'm interested in pulling people into the Liquid Silver show from the AID shoot. You'll also be called to be in the Spring Abandoned In Detroit event coming up in May.

Fee Sructure

All photographers and models will be working in this structure to assist the funding of the shoot. I must have a central contact person for each group (team) of people.

  • $50 individually
  • $125 for 3 people (i.e. photographer, plus 2 models)
  • $100 for 4 people, or $25 each for over 4
As you can see from the structure the more people you bring the less expensive it becomes. I am going to be contacting the lead person on the team registering. A deposit per person of $15 is required by March 19, if reserving a spot after that date the deposit is $25. Remaining balance is due by March 31 and a last minute penalty of $10 if after that date.

Co-Creative Talent Desired

There will be makeup, hair, and clothing styling for the shoot. Persons providing these talents are not assessed the fee structure above. Contact me by March 19 if you are interested in providing these services to the shoot. Involvement in the shoot implies your participation in one or more Abandoned In Detroit events which follow. This is to provide continuity of concept in the project.

Monday, March 06, 2006

AID shoot March 2

Ziam, Milly, myself and the models present: Kat, Shawn, Leighanna, and Niki had a great time. We had a few people unable to make it at the last minute, which seems to happen FAR too often.
I should have posted the announcement here quicker. Perhaps I would have had more models appear for the shoot. I've been more focused on MySpace, Model Mayhem, and One Model Place recently.

I realize the website still needs to be overhauled and completed. The other important thing going on now is setting the date/venue for the Spring Abandoned In Detroit event.

Thursday was a session with Ziam Penn. I decided to hold it during the day to make it available for people that were working nights. That would also ensure I had decent lighting.

The past few photo shoots crept into evening hours and candlelight / flashlights for lighting. Not to say that I have a problem with that form of lighting - but I'd like variety and normal daylight photos are a welcome addition to the project.

Follow the links on this post to view the gallery of proof photos. I'll be working with these to create artistic renderings of the photos taken.