Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Planning: April 2 photo shoot

I've been looking at what is coming up in April and finding that Sunday, April 2 is the date I'm going to set for the next Abandoned In Detroit(AID) photo shoot.

I am targeting a Sunday to maximize participation from people in all forms of business and potential travellers. The other weekends of April have activity as follows:
  • April 7-9 with episode 2 of inZer0
  • April 16 is Easter
  • April 22 is the date for Liquid Silver performance
I'm interested in pulling people into the Liquid Silver show from the AID shoot. You'll also be called to be in the Spring Abandoned In Detroit event coming up in May.

Fee Sructure

All photographers and models will be working in this structure to assist the funding of the shoot. I must have a central contact person for each group (team) of people.

  • $50 individually
  • $125 for 3 people (i.e. photographer, plus 2 models)
  • $100 for 4 people, or $25 each for over 4
As you can see from the structure the more people you bring the less expensive it becomes. I am going to be contacting the lead person on the team registering. A deposit per person of $15 is required by March 19, if reserving a spot after that date the deposit is $25. Remaining balance is due by March 31 and a last minute penalty of $10 if after that date.

Co-Creative Talent Desired

There will be makeup, hair, and clothing styling for the shoot. Persons providing these talents are not assessed the fee structure above. Contact me by March 19 if you are interested in providing these services to the shoot. Involvement in the shoot implies your participation in one or more Abandoned In Detroit events which follow. This is to provide continuity of concept in the project.

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