Thursday, July 26, 2007

14th photoshoot THIS Sunday, July 29

Click the flyer to see the event posting on Myspace

Please call 248-632-6156 to get involved on the shoot. This will be one of the most exciting locations we've used yet. Check out the video below...

JPG Magazine: Blog: Calling all designers!

The Abandoned In Detroit story is submitted to JPG Magazine for Issue 12, which has a Fashion theme. The key photo for the story has been gathering votes. The story however could definitely use more support in the form of votes.

One of the other themes is Creative License. The magazine is making it pretty simple for designers to get into the swing of writing a story submission so it gets into the magazine. They wrote a blog post that offers a simple template for submitting your story for publication.

This is an IDEAL opportunity for Abandoned In Detroit to take a very noticeable position of publicity through getting MULTIPLE stories and photos published. So I'm appealing to the designers out there to go through the story submission process and post a few supporting photos. Check out the blog posting - it poses 7 easy questions as a template. Just fill it out, put up a photo in the Creative License theme and do it quickly. August 1 is the deadline for photos and stories to go into Issue 12.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Fashion In The Streets 2

uploaded by laverew.


I was out photographing Fashion In The Streets 2 at Campus Martius in the center of downtown Detroit and a couple of fellow photographers on the AID project were there. Thanks Larry Winn for catching me at the location. It was great to see you, meet your family and see Jonathan (Fiyar Photography) there as well. Check out Larry's photos on Flickr.

My photos from Fashion In The Streets 2 can be found on my website. You'll find three galleries to check out...

  • Fashions by Sharrone, featuring her new t-shirt designs, the "seabreeze" cruise wear line, her signature "skindeeper" line of denim with leather, and new elegant gowns featuring rabal fabric from Senegal.
  • Performers including the dancers of Thiosane Dance Company, actors for the play Choices, The Model Workshop with Lionesse singing, and two gospel singers.
  • People photos including the MCs and sponsors for the evening ranging from Arnold Mitsubishi (giving away a car), Northland Mall, and more.
The event is a membership drive for the Charles H Wright African American Historical Museum. For more information about Fashion In The Streets visit the website.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

JPG Magazine FASHION story submission

It seems the time for the Abandoned In Detroit project is coming to a head. Issue 12 of JPG Magazine is leading off with the theme FASHION, with 53 days left of voting for content.

Click here to view the story submission. I'll be opening this up for revision and addition of photos. We've got another photoshoot tomorrow, June 10, plus another July 29 - both fall within the time for submission of content to the issue.

Please vote for the lead photo of the story which is linked below.

I have a few additional fashion magazines to write articles for at this time as well. If you can offer a critique of the story or writing style, I'd appreciate the input. Each story submission will be original yet have many of the same elements covered.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Indirect Publicity through Good For Party

One of the photos from an early pre-project inspiration photoshoot was picked up by the GFP blog. Thanks Jessica and Heather for being an inspiration for a successful project.

Location: Fisher Body Plant 21
Date: July 31, 2005

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Abandoned In Detroit May 20

Abandoned In Detroit May flyer
Abandoned In Detroit May flyer,
uploaded by Fuzzytek.

{photo desc}

The next photoshoot is one week away. Contact Stephen at 248-632-6156 if you are interested talent. Seeking designers, models, photographers, makeup artists, hair stylists. Entrance fee into the project is LOW and you'll keep your portfolio fresh and alive as the project moves forward. New talent arrives all the time - so networking opportunities are great.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Globe Trading Company

Globe Trading Company
Globe Trading Company,
uploaded by Patrick T Power.

{photo desc}

Location for our photoshoot on Sunday, March 11. Check out the photos on Flickr. If you miss this shoot you may have some serious regrets. Next photo shoot dates being planned April 22, and May 20 - both are near this location. So there may be a return depending on available time and weather conditions.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Supporting the project - How to participate?

I've heard people expressing interest in participating in the photoshoots from month to month yet have had little action from models and photographers in causing these event. They are a low-cost full service fashion photo shoots. You'll get photos from it that will stand out in your portfolio. You'll meet people through this project that are doorways to opportunities. Involved are fashion designers, makeup artists, hair stylists, photographers, and models. Most are local to the Detroit area, some travel here to be part of the passion in the project. We have operated covertly in abandoned spaces and are taking this up a notch as exposure of the project is being noticed and accepted. These photoshoots are not observer events - they are working sessions.

We are documenting the rise of fashion in the ruins of Detroit, want to be a key player in this story? This city is an established presence in the world, known for the creative people that come from here. The process of leaving Detroit (abandonment) is common in the story of success for our people. This project lays claim to that as an opportunity for expression and acknowledgment. There are a lot of proud Detroiters that have moved away wishing their city could have supported their rise. As the project moves forward in exposure lets hope that a part of Detroit will go on tour for the world to see and bring people here for a visit.

Our obstacles are internal in failing to identify with the creative struggle for recognition. This project is a showcase - a chance for recognition. Our goal is moving into exhibitions and runway shows this year and holding these successively. The project needs support - sponsors, endowments, grants. If you can offer support please contact or call 248-632-6156 (Stephen).

I came across this quotation recently ...

Great minds discuss ideas, average minds discuss events, small minds discuss people.
-- Eleanor Roosevelt (U.S. Diplomat and reformer, 1884 - 1962)

If you worry and concern yourself with the past then your future holds small opportunities. Consider what is on your mind.
-- Stephen Boyle (today)
Get involved and discuss it with your friends. Tell them there is a fashion movement in Detroit. We are growing from the decay of the city into a vibrant expression. Upcoming photoshoots are March 11, April 22, May 13, 2007. Project participants please note the prior blog post indicates you can earn referral rewards in the form of cash for new participants in the project. Time to be out recruiting, making this your project, your community.