Thursday, July 26, 2007

JPG Magazine: Blog: Calling all designers!

The Abandoned In Detroit story is submitted to JPG Magazine for Issue 12, which has a Fashion theme. The key photo for the story has been gathering votes. The story however could definitely use more support in the form of votes.

One of the other themes is Creative License. The magazine is making it pretty simple for designers to get into the swing of writing a story submission so it gets into the magazine. They wrote a blog post that offers a simple template for submitting your story for publication.

This is an IDEAL opportunity for Abandoned In Detroit to take a very noticeable position of publicity through getting MULTIPLE stories and photos published. So I'm appealing to the designers out there to go through the story submission process and post a few supporting photos. Check out the blog posting - it poses 7 easy questions as a template. Just fill it out, put up a photo in the Creative License theme and do it quickly. August 1 is the deadline for photos and stories to go into Issue 12.

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