Monday, March 06, 2006

AID shoot March 2

Ziam, Milly, myself and the models present: Kat, Shawn, Leighanna, and Niki had a great time. We had a few people unable to make it at the last minute, which seems to happen FAR too often.
I should have posted the announcement here quicker. Perhaps I would have had more models appear for the shoot. I've been more focused on MySpace, Model Mayhem, and One Model Place recently.

I realize the website still needs to be overhauled and completed. The other important thing going on now is setting the date/venue for the Spring Abandoned In Detroit event.

Thursday was a session with Ziam Penn. I decided to hold it during the day to make it available for people that were working nights. That would also ensure I had decent lighting.

The past few photo shoots crept into evening hours and candlelight / flashlights for lighting. Not to say that I have a problem with that form of lighting - but I'd like variety and normal daylight photos are a welcome addition to the project.

Follow the links on this post to view the gallery of proof photos. I'll be working with these to create artistic renderings of the photos taken.

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