Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Auto Show paid gig - Details needed

There is an event related to the Auto Show on Jan 28 from 6-9pm.
I'm submitting information from my contacts to the event organizer ASAP.
I've had three people successfully complete this information and this is being sent to in tonight. There are quite a few people that haven't yet taken the time to complete the information here. The event is slightly more than a week away - you need to do this ASAP if interested in the opportunities for this event.

Needed: 15 males, 15 females to pass out goodies and circulate with the guests able to discuss Detroit nightlife.
Needed: 15 "couture" (5'9" attractive) model bartenders with TIPS certification.

Working Name
Social Security Number
Legal Name
Mailing Address
Phone (mobile, home, business, etc)
Email (Yahoo Msgr, MSN Msgr, AIM)
Major cities you are willing to work
(Female: Bust, Cup, Waist, Hip, Dress, Shirt, Pant, Shoe)
(Male: Chest, Waist, Suit (size/length), Shirt (neck/sleeve), Pants (Waist/Inseam))
Eye Color
Hair Color
Hair Type (Curly/Wavy/Straight)
Hair Length (Waist, Mid-Back, Shoulder, Chin, Over Ears, Semi-Bald, Bald)
Ethnic Origin
Forms of Modeling interested
Bartending certifications
Special events credits
Acting credits
Fluent Languages
Dancer (form)
Specialties (such as MUA, Photog, Hair Stylist, Clothing Designer, Sign Language, ...)
Any existing exclusive agency affiliations
Online portfolios (OMP, MM, MuseCube, iModel, ...)

Send the above to with the subject "Auto Show gig model specs".

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