Friday, December 16, 2005

Planning: AID shoot Dec 18 (post #3)

I've got a lot to bring together in the next 2 days. I need a lot of assistance in some simple matters. I will be working Friday from 8am-12:30pm. I've got a few tasks lined up for immediately following work.
  • Production assistants - they can be friends of talent, parents, and other interested people. I have a need for VANS and TRUCKS to haul people and material.
    • Friday
      I need to purchase supplies for the shoot. Space heaters, de-icing, plastic for insulating, temporary doors(?), and more.
    • Saturday
      We need to create the site for the shoot. This means clearing ice from stairwells, establishing the locations in the 6 story building that will be use at various times during the shoot (creating a timeline for group photos and going through designer clothing).
    • Sunday
      I need early morning support in setting things up. I'm talking about getting there 8am to setup the site for 11am shoot time.
  • Contacting talent - phone calls to models, photographers, stylists, makeup artists, ...
  • Event planners for future events - I'd like to set a date and details for the next shoot so people attending know what is in the future for the project. I've got to get the fashion/art event together for late February/early March 2006.

When you read this look for what can I do to bring this forward? Your contribution in forwarding this event will be powerful. I need partners that are willing to step up to the plate and move it. I'm not so set in my ways that I can't take advice.

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