Sunday, December 18, 2005

Abandoned In Detroit

Location for meeting is 715 E Milwaukee @ Hastings in Detroit. The shoot location is 2 blocks from this.

Models - bring 3 outfits, accessories, come with makeup foundation, flashlight, a small bag for carrying selected items in the building (backpacks are great). Prepare to be in the cold for a while.

Photographers - batteries are going to have a shorter life in the cold. Be prepared to keep your batteries warm! You'll want a significant amount of storage for the number of photos you'll take. I'll be carrying 2.25 gb and know that I'll consume it all. Bring a tripod - you'll want it for the low-light photos.

Timeline: start with casual clothing and move into urban/goth/club at 2:00. 4:00 will be transition to high fashion, dressy looks. I need models to check in when they reach the site.

I'll be asking someone to handle registration activities -- likely a makeup artist. This will include collecting $10 fee.

Call my phone 248-721-4289 and if it is busy there will be an alternate phone number available.

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