Thursday, November 16, 2006

November photoshoot postponed November 26

The photoshoot scheduled for November 19 is being postponed to November 26. There are too many activities in the way of having a successful shoot this weekend. Please contact Stephen at 248-721-4289 if the alteration in date creates issues.

Please encourage people whom have not completed their registration whom are interested to get that DONE. Proper planning for the designers, makeup artists, hair stylists requires advance notice of who will be attending. They need your measurements and know what type of makeup / hair products to bring for the shoot.

Photographers - there will be electric service available during this shoot. You are welcome to bring your lights and reflectors, the space can be rather tight. Natural lighting and use of reflectors is encouraged. Backdrops are NOT encouraged - the environment of the shoot is to be captured in the shoot.

Hopefully everyone will be happy to hear that we are returning to the location used for the October photoshoot, in the Boston Edison district of Detroit. Considering how cold a truly abandoned building can be the heating in lower levels of the building will be very welcomed.

A revised e-flyer is posted with the updated date, visit the linked reference.

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