Wednesday, October 18, 2006

PhotoBlog October + Planning November 19 photoshoot

The final Abandoned In Detroit photoshoot for 2006 will be held Sunday, November 19, 2006. We'll begin at noon, so please be at the shoot location between 10:30 am and 11:30 am at the latest. Our makeup artists, hair stylists, and designers need time to prepare you for the shoot.

The location(s) will be revealed within a week of the shoot. Preannouncing locations creates unwanted attention, if you are registered as a participant in the shoot you will be informed.

Wanted - Models, Makeup, Hair, and DESIGNERS!

At this time I have two designers new to the project interested in coming for the shoot. We've got existing designers eager to return with new creations as well. Models the deadline for registering is October 29, 2006. If you have already paid your project entrance fee you need to contact and indicate that you are attending and update your measurements and photos as needed. If you are a model new to the project you must pay the $50 project entrance fee by the deadline date along with sending your measurements, contact information, photos (headshot and bodyshot). Payment of entrance fee can be made through PayPal via buttons at the project profile on MySpace.

Future Plans

The momentum going into the holiday season is screaming for exhibition and runway - watch for those activities in December and January. Project photoshoots will be resume monthly scheduling beginning February 18, 2007 on third Sundays.

October's Shoot

The October shoot had a few catches along the way, but overall worked out very well. The location was moved with 30 hours left before shooting. This caused some havoc in planning resources such as a generator, lighting, and directions to the shoot. The people involved in the shoot were fantastic - everyone pulled together a beautiful presentation for the project showcasing designs from Hot Girl Collection and Vyrula Zel. Most of the people were new to the project and combining them with talent from prior shoots will create tremendous energy moving forward.

Below are a few thumbnail photos from the shoot - click on any and you'll open a window showing a gallery of proof photos from the shoot from Fuzzytek. As we get a link to Rod Kassab's photos that will be given here as well.

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