Thursday, November 03, 2005

AID shoot Nov 2, 2005

Mairi Elle & Stina by candlelight
Abandoned In Detroit,
uploaded by Fuzzytek

I received notice that Mairi Elle & Stina were travelling in from Columbus, Ohio and interested in being part of Abandoned In Detroit (AID). So I rounded up some of our local talent and brought together a photo shoot within 24 hours.

Things got a little messed up on the start time and coordinating who was to be where and when. So one model, Katie, was shooting with Tony Aria and Carl Oxley III late in the afternoon.

Evening arrived and we had Danielle, Amy, Andi, Mairi Elle, Stina shooting with Mike (TimeFragment) and Stephen (Fuzzytek). The evening shoot was a bit challenging photographically held with candlelight and flashlights. Click here for proofs of Fuzzytek's photos.

Please message if you are interested in being part of a December 18th Abandoned In Detroit shoot. We are very interested in bringing designers and stylists into our shoots - we have sufficient models for you to showcase several outfits at one time rather than generating individual images. We are shooting artistically for art / fashion exhibition purposes.

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