Friday, September 23, 2005

Weekend plans Sept 23-25


Now Time to get a rental car. $50 for the weekend special on an economy car from Enterprise.

2:05pm Ralph arrives from NYC for the Abandoned In Detroit (AID) photoshoot. He'll be staying with me a couple weeks. During that time I'll get started in male modeling. I'll have a great guide.

Click to enlarge.

6:00pm Edgewise Gallery opens two doors down from Oslo, 1428 Woodward, Detroit. I'm pumping this up as a meet-and-greet for people in the AID shoot. Come out and meet my film making / art scene friends.

Jan D tells me she is at Slows Bar, across from Tiger Stadium, Michigan and Trumbell. I'm not sure how much energy I will be spending tonight, Ralph and I may stop there briefly.


8:00am - 9:30am SideEffect is holding a CD release party benefits to MADD at Canterbury Village. I'll be on site taking photos.

11:00am - 8:00pm Abandoned In Detroit photo shoot. We are parking in the lots at the NW corner of Rosa Parks and Michigan, behind The Works. More information is going to be posted this afternoon on the AID website. Please read the guidelines posted in the blog

After the shoot we can head to Bleu for dancing and celebrate Kimmie's birthday.


Could be a day of recouperation and photo processing. That evening The Brazilian Girls will be playing at St Andrews Hall. I would love to see that show!!!

Let's see how the plans come together...

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