Friday, September 23, 2005

Location change for September 24

I'm changing the location to the Fisher Body Assembly Plant at Hastings and Piquette in Detroit.
Call me at 248-259-3980 cell or 248-721-4289 to confirm you're coming and discuss details on the shoot.
I've got an overwhelming response in the past 24 hours from 12 models. Call me to confirm your name on the list, I've probably missed a few and the number is more like 20 models. We have hair and makeup people. There are at least 4 photographers.
I'm looking for phone calls from everyone (I don't care what time day/night), call me and confirm.


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Cecilia said...

I am very interested in being one of your models if its not to late!
I did not recieve this till today and i was in California until the 17th of October.
Here is my contact info if it still possible to participate!
Cecilia Gutierrez
(313) 377-1692
Thank you for your time and consideration,
Sincerly, Ceilia Gutierrez