Sunday, January 23, 2011

Flickr Photo Gallery Added

Since Blogger has added pages we've now got a great way to show off photos from the project on the page. There is a members-only Flickr group that I'm inviting all members to join. You'll have to be approved, so please be patient.
Click here for the Abandoned In Detroit group on Flickr
Get a FREE Flickr account and add your Abandoned In Detroit photos to the group. Free accounts allow 200 photos to be in your public stream. You can upload more and place them in the group for viewing. Please keep the photos on topic for the group - the images must be from a photoshoot or event presentation of Abandoned In Detroit project. 

Another helpful thing to do is tag your photos - indicate the people involved. If they have a Flickr account you can link to them. One tag to place on all project photos is "abandoned in detroit". Tags are searchable and provide a pivot point reference to find similarly tagged work.

Website Layout Update

The layout for the site has also been altered to bring pages across the top navigation bar.
Watch for more updates - we are 90 days from the date of the photoshoot - April 23, 2011, the Saturday before Easter. We may have a number of people from the past five years of the project whom are in town visiting family that could attend.

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