Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vyrula Zel

Vyrula Zel
Vyrula Zel,
uploaded by Fuzzytek.

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Working with Vyrula and her design work was a wonderful thing... I simply wish we could find her NOW! (If you know how to reach her send an email to abandonedindetroit@thedetroitfactory.com please.) She was a project member from 2006-2007 and always brought awesome inspiring pieces to the shoots.

This piece is unbleached hemp fabric, hand painted with messages and symbols from her beliefs and followings of Buddhism and vegan regimen. Vyrula loved the animals and spirits of those around her.

We are proud to have images of her work as it evolved after her graduation from IADT Detroit. Find more photos in the Photo Gallery for the project on Flickr.

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