Thursday, March 24, 2011

Spring 2011 Promo video

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No Spare Tire

Photo taken June 2008 of Windy near Eastern Market by Fuzzytek.

Avondreal by Heather Joe

uploaded by Fuzzytek.

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Heather began with the Abandoned in Detroit project in 2007 when we were shooting along the Dequindre Cut before it was transformed from an abandoned railroad / urban prairie into an activity path for bicycles, roller blades and walking.

This photo is from the Summer 2010 photoshoot held in Central Detroit. The building is early in the process of being converted to lofts. I remember being at the building in 2004 for a DEMF afterparty that went all night long. Within the building were some of the furniture items from the Blue Nile Ethiopian Restaurant's downtown Detroit location - which was closed a few years ago.

Heather brings bold colors, textures, and creative lines in her fashion creations.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Vyrula Zel

Vyrula Zel
Vyrula Zel,
uploaded by Fuzzytek.

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Working with Vyrula and her design work was a wonderful thing... I simply wish we could find her NOW! (If you know how to reach her send an email to please.) She was a project member from 2006-2007 and always brought awesome inspiring pieces to the shoots.

This piece is unbleached hemp fabric, hand painted with messages and symbols from her beliefs and followings of Buddhism and vegan regimen. Vyrula loved the animals and spirits of those around her.

We are proud to have images of her work as it evolved after her graduation from IADT Detroit. Find more photos in the Photo Gallery for the project on Flickr.

Meet the designer for Fashion Junkiee

Meet the designer for Fashionn Junkiee! This photo was taken at the Fall 2010 Abandoned In Detroit photoshoot. She is wearing clothing and jewelry fashioned by herself.

The Abandoned In Detroit project welcomes fresh new designers interested in showcasing their work. By getting involved in the project you will be projecting your work to a wider viewing audience, creating new contacts through the shoots, and could find yourself collaborating quickly with the people you meet. Abandoned In Detroit is a project that spawned the community known as 313FAD. If you are on Facebook join the 313FAD group and see more Detroit fashion style.

You can find more about Fashionn Junkiee on the company Facebook page.

This young designer's mother is a designer as well - Son'J Couture is her brand. So it seems fashion design and style runs in the family!

Learn about Rinaco Styles

She's wearing a dress by Rinaco Styles who has been very active with the Abandoned In Detroit project since March 2007. Nadine has come out for shoots from March to November - bringing a warm smile with each shoot she has attended. If you visit the Photo Gallery page you'll find a slideshow of photos taken at prior Abandoned In Detroit events.

You can find more information about Rinaco Styles on the company Facebook page.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Spring 2011 Concepts

One of the concepts that is worth exploring during the Spring 2011 shoot (in 44 days) would be a mock fashion show on location. Video of this would be recorded along with additional footage during the photoshoot overall.

Designers need to check in and confirm they will be attending the shoot. That allows for a schedule to be established and wardrobe / styling requirements to be managed. So the question for all those reading... what clothing do you want to see in the shoot and check in with them on being in the project!

Guide them to the registration page on the blog ( - the form there will gather some required information.

There is not much more than a month of planning left to go!