Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Project Council

Members of the council are offered the opportunity to guide the project. Five people will be on the council at all times. The project founder will be a member of the council until such time he elects to remove himself or all other members of the council vote to remove him, with the approval of a majority of votes from participants as responding over one month.

Council members will serve a term of one year, with three consecutive terms possible. Council members are nominated from all participants in the project, then selected by the current council. Council members will be participating project members at the time of nomination.

Council members will meet bi-monthly to review overall project status, issues, and vote on relevant matters as presented to the agenda in advance of the meeting. A simply majority of total present for the meeting will rule. This includes the selection of restricted publication works as defined elsewhere.


Two categories of talent and participants may be in both depending on role.
  • Creative team - includes fashion designers, stylists, makeup artists, hair stylists, production coordinators, graphic artists, and publicists
  • Subject team - consists of models, photographers, and videographers creating images used for show, exhibition, and publication.


Everyone benefits from this project. The level of investment into the community of the project will include a project entrance fee. This fee will be imposed once and subsequent activities for the project are then made available to registered participants. The determination of current entrance fee is made by the project council based on funding needed for activities. The creative team makes an investment of materials, time, and skill.

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