Monday, August 08, 2011

September 18 - Fall 2011 Flyer & Registration

Above is the flyer for the Fall 2011 photo shoot. The registration page has been updated to collect information for the upcoming shoot.

Key Dates to Note

A planning meeting and phone in conference will be held August 18 from 7-8pm. It is being planned a full month in advance of the shoot to enable and encourage project members to bring additional talent to the shoot. If group arrangements are to be made this gives more time to work details through. The location discussion will also be of interest as a status report will be offered on where we are planning to shoot - and plans are for a space that all will love.

The Detroit Design Festival starts the week of the photoshoot from Wednesday to Wednesday Sept 21-28. A rehearsal for all talent registered for the project (existing and into the upcoming Sept 18 shoot) will be held on September 16. We will be creating the presentation sequence for the fashion show coming September 25. This will also be the time for designers to fit models for both the shoot and the upcoming show.

This is an exciting time coming up for the project with many activities.

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