Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Rescheduled Spring 2011 - April 30

Saturday I looked at the date for the shoot - checked the upcoming weather conditions (55 degrees and a 60% chance rain, currently 30%) and evaluated the activities going on Easter weekend.

A poll was placed on Facebook and this site asking people to weigh in on changing the date from April 23 to April 30. Factors influencing were:
  • Weather conditions
  • Conflicting event activities for people interested 
The majority of people voting felt the change of date would be good. Some have conflicts that prevent them from coming on the 30th. Remember the project has 2 more shoots this year. Those dates are under review and will be post this week. Moving the date forward one week gives a few more days to gather registrations.

Weather conditions are currently trending about 7-9 degrees cooler than usual, lets hope in the next few days the forecast comes close to the average high of 65 degrees. Best recommendation is to bring a jacket and an umbrella. Photographers make sure your gear is kept water proof and I could be checking around for assistance holding umbrellas for photographers shooting. The project typically has about a 30% chance of rain being forecast and about 20% of those times anything has happened - so we've remained a pretty fortunate outdoor event!

Many thanks for keeping up to date - please spread word of the change and make sure people use your name on the REFERRED BY entry on the registration form (if you are coming this must be filled out).

Stephen "Fuzzytek" Boyle
Call if you have questions 248-632-6156

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