Saturday, April 30, 2011

What To Bring

The Spring photoshoot is just a few hours from now and you might be thinking... what is supposed to be in my bag for the event? The base location for this shoot is Red Door Gallery, 7500 Oakland St, Detroit 48211. The locations will be in the Northend / Central neighborhoods which are going through a lot of change at present. A number of community meetings have been happening plotting out a vision for the future of the neighborhood and this shoot will have appropriate placements.


Bring a bottle or two of water, a snack, comfortable shoes for walking, a flashlight, and a cell phone for communications. A recharger or extra cell phone batteries is a good thing as well.


Two changes of clothing to include a casual look and something dressy and easy to accessorize. The outfits should be foundations for creating a look. Layers work well as they permit mix and match and for group photos it becomes easier to bring together common styles. Casual jeans, a dark t-shirt, a light t-shirt, a couple belts, about 4-6 pairs of shoes mostly heels, plus the walking shoes. Underwear options such as strapless/convertible bra makes for easier wear under a variety of outfits, colors for underwear should be flesh color or black. A night-club style dress. Fun separates for going out - skirt, pants, tops. PLEASE don't OVERPACK. If there is anything you need to bring in abundance it is accessories... for some reason we haven't had many accessories designers/stylists at the photoshoot events. We will likely leave a lot of what you bring at the base location and return to pull from it as needed.


Make sure you bring lots of memory/film for camera. A recharger for your batteries or spares is a smart thing. Reflectors and bounce boards help bring natural fill light into images. The weather forecast says we'll have GORGEOUS partly cloudy skies and highs in the mid-60s.


The responses from models for this specific shoot have been lower than expected, especially given six months of awareness. We will likely have less than a dozen models to work with. That makes it easier to bring outfits and styling accessories. If possible please prepare for 12 models and if we have fewer there can be change-outs to cover what is brought. Model sizes vary a lot for these shoots with an average size of 3-4, and going from 0-16 generally.

Can't Make It?

Don't let transportation stand in the way - call 248-632-6156 between 8:30-9:30am and a fast network of carpools will be created. If you know someone else attending it is recommended to travel together as community.

Summer and Fall Shoots

Dates for the next shoots can be discussed at the Spring shoot. Tentative dates are Sunday July 10, and Sunday September 18.
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